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Authentic Homemade Pasta at Fratellis

Established in 1997.

Fratellis is the rebirth of our family's restaurant back in Sicily. Our freshly prepared traditional Italian classics, the award winning hand tossed Pizza, the homemade garlic rolls, our decadent salads and subs, have brought people through our doors from far and wide for over 20 years.

The recipes are the celebration of the flavors I fell in love with watching my mother and my grandma preparing Sunday dinner back in Italy.

I can say for certain that those moments marked my destiny as I fell hopelessly in love with good food and enjoying it with others

With a warm attentive service and reasonable pricing, Fratellis is ideal for casual family dining - parties - business meetings and romantic dinners with our loved ones. At Fratellis we make our delicacies available for dine in - carry out - delivery and especially through our notorious catering service available for any type of event delivered right to your door.

We are humbled by the support and appreciation this community has shown our family throughout the years. We are proud to have seen your families grow along ours and we vow to work tirelessly and passionately, to exceed every expectation and continue to be your favorite Italian spot.

"When Serving your guests, your food has to show and represent all

the care, the time and the passion you put into it. Fresh Homemade

Pasta is my way of doing that." My Nonna Maria.

A million Thanks from the entire Fratellis family.

Kesi Dibrani, Jennifer Dibrani and Staff.


Kesi Dibrani And Jennifer Dibrani Owners of Fratellis Restaurants

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